milwaukee 2018 Results


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Maverick Media 

Photos by Maverick Media and Payne Productions 

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Baddest Bagger

Bryce Summers, 2013 Street Glide

1st Lee McAndrew, 2006 Ultra
2nd Brian Jensen, 1998 Fatboy

3rd Paul Whitmoyer, 2007 Road Glide

1st Dell Battle, 2009 Road Glide
2nd Clay Clark, 2013 Street Glide

3rd Anthony Rivera, 2015 Road Glide

1st Doug Dematto, 2011 Street Glide
2nd Brian Ahlborn, 2010 Road Glide
3rd Curtis Hoffman, 2012 Road Glide

1st Juan “JBOS” Sosa, 2018 Road King

2nd Shubert Custom Cycles, 2006 Road King

3rd Tom Danculovic, 2012 Street Glide

Urban Bagger Editor’s Choice: 
Courtney Robinson, 2008 Road Glide

American Bagger Editor’s Choice: 
Jeremy Bloom, 2012 Road Glide

HOG Pick Baddest Bagger: ​

Dell Battle, 2009 Road Glide

Best Paint by Mark Brodie:

Lee McAndrew, 2006 Ultra