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Baddest Bagger, the original all Bagger show series, opens the 2019 season with a show March 15 at the Daytona International Speedway during Daytona Bike Week. On March 23 and 24, Baddest Bagger travels to the St. Paul, MN for a show at the legendary Donnie Smith Bike and Car Show.

The Baddest Bagger in Daytona is open to all Baggers, with classes to fit each level of customization. The Stock Class features Baggers with up to a 21” front wheel. The Modified Class covers any Bagger with up to a 23” front wheel or a fat tire front wheel. The Radical Class is for Baggers with up to a 26” front wheel. Lastly, the Open/Pro Class features Baggers with a 30” and above front wheel. The top three winners in each class are voted on by entrants in the competition, as is the top prize of Baddest Bagger in Daytona. Awards for American Bagger Editor’s Pick, Urban Bagger Editor’s Pick, and Best Paint Presented by Mark Brodie will also be awarded.

The Baddest Bagger at the Donnie Smith Bike and Car show is an invite only show, but spectators are welcome.  

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Baddest Bagger Kicks off 2019 Season this March!