How does it work?

At each event, there will be four different classes to compete: Stock–up to a 21” front wheel; Modified–up to a 23” front wheel; Radical–up to a 26” front wheel as well as wide front tires up to 240mm; Open or Pro Class–30” to 32” front wheel. One thing that has always separated the Baddest Bagger from other shows? The entrants vote on the four class winners from 1st place to 3rd  place and they vote on the Baddest Bagger. Dave Withrow, Publisher of American Bagger and Urban Bagger magazines will also pick his winners for Editor's Choice. RA Edge gives out an award for Best Paint, while Azzkikr and other guest judges have their pick for Baddest Bagger.   

What is Baddest Bagger?

Baddest Bagger, is the original custom Bagger competition for builders to show off their hard work and creativity.

Seven years ago there were zero Bagger specific bike shows. Baggers were forced to compete against Bobbers, Choppers, Rigids and Softails, and they rarely won an award. That all changed with a phone call between Paul Yaffe of Bagger Nation and Dave Withrow, Publisher of American Bagger and Urban Bagger magazines. That phone call led to the first Baddest Bagger in Sturgis and now there are 16  Baddest Bagger shows a year and that number seems to be growing.Competitions are held throughout the year, all across the United States. Anybody and everybody is encouraged to enter!